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S. Neil Rucker

Stories from the Heart of the South: Tales of Justice and Southern Traditions


Stories from the Heart of the South: Tales of Justice and Southern Traditions

Meet Neil Rucker: An acclaimed author with a rich tapestry of experiences, Neil draws from a distinguished career in law enforcement and a deep-rooted Southern heritage to craft his compelling narratives. Born and raised in the heart of the South, Neil's journey through life and letters has captivated readers across the nation.

About Neil

Neil Rucker is a retired investigator from the District Attorney's office in Baldwin County, Alabama. With decades of service, first as an Alabama State Trooper and later as a State investigator, Neil has been at the forefront of criminal investigation, experiencing the intricacies of law enforcement firsthand. His expertise extends to being a seasoned polygraph examiner, a role he has embraced for over 30 years, uncovering truths and deciphering human emotions.

Books by Neil Rucker

Neil's literary repertoire blends thrilling life stories with the keen insights of a criminal investigator and polygraph examiner. His books invite readers into the complex world of law enforcement, offering a unique perspective shaped by years of real-world experience. From gripping tales of justice and intrigue to the technical nuances of polygraph examinations, each book offers a slice of Neil’s professional life, told with authenticity and an unerring eye for detail.

Southern Flavors: A Culinary Journey with Neil and Dean Rucker

In collaboration with his wife, Dean, Neil explores another aspect of Southern culture—its cuisine. "Southern Flavors" is more than just a cookbook; it is a celebration of Southern hospitality and the rich culinary traditions that Neil and Dean have cherished throughout their lives. This collection of recipes offers everything from heirloom dishes to modern interpretations, all infused with the love and warmth of their Southern kitchen.

Connect with Neil

Join Neil as he shares tales from the backroads of the South to the heart of the criminal justice system. Explore his books, delve into Southern culinary arts, and discover the stories that only Neil can tell. For book signings, speaking engagements, and personal anecdotes, stay tuned to this site.

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"This book recounts the transformative friendship between the author and Aaron Lowery, whose early death at nine deeply impacted the author's life. Set during a time of racial tension, their taboo interracial friendship influenced pivotal decisions in the author's journey. This book reflects on how significant bonds shape us in profound ways. Enjoy this moving tribute to a brief yet impactful life.

A Purpose for Aaron

This book offers an inside look at the world of polygraph examinations through Neil Rucker, a veteran examiner with over 40 years of experience. Neil, a graduate of the U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph School, has a diverse career including roles as a State Trooper and Chief Investigator in Alabama. Qualified as an expert witness in a variety of high-profile cases, Neil’s book shares the intriguing revelations and insights gained from conducting over 10,000 polygraphs.

Secrets of the Truth Trade

This narrative explores the lives of two men from 1800s Alabama—one the son of an aristocratic plantation owner, the other from a humble dirt farmer's background. The book follows their journey as Confederate soldiers, their enduring friendship through the challenges of Southern Reconstruction, and their subsequent roles in politics. The story reaches a dramatic conclusion with the untimely murder of one man and the pursuit of justice by his friend. I hope you find their story as captivating as I do!

Two Men from Dead Fall

Rain on a Tin Roof and Other Southern Delicasies is a delightful journey through the evolution of southern cooking. My wife, Dean, tells why and how Southerners eat things like cornbread, dried lima beans, and okra. eggplant and so many other southern staples. Then Dean gives us recipes for so many of these tasty delights. The book also has color recipes for these wonderful foods, and for your edification and enjoyment Dean has meticulously researched the amazing ways theses foods became such an integral part of Southern culture.

Rain on a Tin Roof and Other Southern Delicacies

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